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Easter Eggsellent Musings and Eggsiting What's On
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WellbeingWorks Newsletter

Easter Eggsellent Musings and Eggsiting What's On

This Easter holiday weekendis no eggseptionand is yet again a wonderful opportunity to ‘down’ tools and dedicate yourself to enjoying being with family and friends.  And, even if the nature of your line of work increases during this period delayingyourholiday time-out and your focus is more on your business, it can be so much more enjoyable with a general mood in the air which is noticeably lighter and happier and is eggstremely infectious (food for the soul).  I’m sure you’ve noticed… this is especially the case when the sun is shining as it was superbly for a few glorious days last week.

WellbeingWorks January 2016 Newsletter

WellbeingWorks January Newsletter 2016 Front Page
It's arrived - da dah! 

In this edition: All the latest news 'hot off the press' - what's been happening, what's been celebrated and what's coming up... 
* New Mentoring Services launched

* Wellbeing Coaching successes

* META-Health talks and workshops

* Wellbeing in the Workplace Team news

* Body - Mind - Barbados (are you coming?) May and November 

Enjoy and all the best for 2016!  

P.S.  Have you got your goals organised for this year yet?  Remember without a target, you have nothing to aim at... so get your aspirations written down, create a vision board and put in a timeline to ensure you maintain focus on your priorities and when you want them to happen - this is super important for your success!