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Solutions for Health and Well being in the Workplace

WellbeingWorks Wheel of Life Exercise

WellbeingWorks Wheel of Life Exercise - A Useful Starting Point...

Sometimes life can seem more challenging than usual and it is not always easy to identify why you may be feeling
'out of sorts' or that things are just 'not flowing', so by using this simple exercise you can get a quick 'visual snapshot' of how key areas of your life are looking for you right now and whether you feel in harmony and balance, or it can clearly highlight what needs to be addressed and requires your time and attention, which is not always easy to do when there is a lot going on and life is hectic to the point of overwhelm.

NEC Exhibition 8th and 9th March 2011

Health and Wellbeing @ Work 2011
A fantastic opportunity to view all the latest up to the minute ideas and presentations with key speakers covering a whole range of workplace health and well being issues.  This great event is happeningNOWat the Birmingham NEC with lots of exhibitors presenting their specialties in supporting a good quality of life through a myriad of onsite solutions.  So whether you are an NHS representative or from the private sector, this is a very important event showcasing very useful and accessible knowledge and information under one roof!