Easter Eggsellent Musings and Eggsiting What's On
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Easter Eggsellent Musings and Eggsiting What's On
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Easter Eggsellent Musings and Eggsiting What's On

This Easter holiday weekend is no eggseption and is yet again a wonderful opportunity to ‘down’ tools and dedicate yourself to enjoying being with family and friends.  And, even if the nature of your line of work increases during this period delaying your holiday time-out and your focus is more on your business, it can be so much more enjoyable with a general mood in the air which is noticeably lighter and happier and is eggstremely infectious (food for the soul).  I’m sure you’ve noticed… this is especially the case when the sun is shining as it was superbly for a few glorious days last week.  When life is simple the whole world breathes in unison…
Of course April is hugely varied in its weather patterns and can surprise us with anything from freezing cold to sunbathing hot – I prefer the latter!  ;-) 
Each year on my birthday (which is at the end of this month) I have experienced everything from super soaring sunshine to a couple of feet of snow, so I have learned to eggspect the unexpected, the eggstremes when hatching activities around this time of the year! 
One more sign that I love, which is communicated year in year out, is the spectacular wild flower display virtually everywhere and the stunning sunny yellow which heralds the arrival of sunnier days ahead with first the daffodils and next the dandelions, along with a smattering of celandines and cowslips – eggseptionally beautiful! 
The colour yellow carries a powerful energy of creativity, strength and courage which on some level is enhancing our eggsperience and can be further capitalised especially in conscious moments of appreciation when it becomes amplified and can significantly help with body/mind wellbeing – no more walking on egg shells. 
Whatever the weather is doing and wherever you are, adaptation is the key (think outside of the box, make it a game) get in the flow and have FUN  :-)  Relax, Reconnect and Revitalise your relationships (especially the one you have with yourself…) 
A great eggsample is the essential core message of Easter, rebirth and new beginnings; to let go of what is not helping and to eggsamine what IS working for you.  Next actively focus upon each aspect that is positively making life feel good for you.  Nurture the purity of this realisation and the rebirth which naturally follows is awesome… YOU ARE AWESOME!  Know it and feel it as an eternal truth, just like the rhythms of the Universe. 
Ok I have been having my own little fun whilst writing this message to you, as you can see my mischievous side of me has been out to play!  I love etymology it’s eggstraordinary and having the opportunity to use it to great effect and turn it into something more was irresistible…  :-)  LoL

Easter bunny has a special gift for the first person to message me with the correct number of ‘eggs’ left in this little basket of musings.  

The winner will receive a fabulous eggstravagant bonanza gift!  YES… it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to work it out and then send me your answer BECAUSE you could win a FREE place on the life changing 6 week online transformational programme, Boost Your Energy – Improve Your Life!  Just imagine how this could help you and dramatically change your life - what a difference it would make to you and those around you… well what are you waiting for?  Let’s scamper and scratch and make a match! 

Pause | Breathe | Smile 

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4 Comments to Easter Eggsellent Musings and Eggsiting What's On:

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Zena on 18 April 2017 00:16
Ten eggs
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Kirstie on 19 April 2017 09:13
I spotted 10 eggs!
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Heather Armstrong on 19 April 2017 17:23
13 eggs
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Sanna Gerber on 21 April 2017 06:54
Love your eggsplanation of the energy around Easter, especially as I'm going presently through rebirth, reinventing myself. My guess of eggs left in Easter Bunny's basket is 4 Btightest Blessings Sanna pto: love my clean house 😉
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