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Waves of Prosperity


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Waves of Prosperity

Waves of Prosperity

After the third occasion of picking out the same card ‘waves of prosperity’ as witnessed by hundreds of viewers now on Facebook Live, as well as thinking "wowzer", I thought that I really need to write about this subject of wealth, abundance, prosperity… because clearly this is energetically a powerful time and on some level if we are not ‘feeling’ it, then something is out of alignment. 
Being prosperous and feeling it, can be elusive and indeed is the case for many.  Of course it depends on what area in life is being focused upon, so I ask you; Where in your life do you feel rich and overflowing? 
For me, I am loved and cared for by my husband and know it and feel it and see the evidence all around me, of which I am truly grateful for the unconditional and generosity of being provided …
My life lesson has been centred on ‘sufficiency’ and what I mean by this is for a long, long time I had not felt good enough and became an eternal student, collecting trophy certificates to demonstrate that I was worthy.  It was admirable on the one hand, because I learned so much and I loved it especially all about health and wellness.  However, the more I learned the more I felt inadequate because it highlighted how much more there was to learn and there were still others out there doing much better things with their qualifications than me!  Ooohhh ouch – that was a ‘poor me’, but this was what was driving a crazy cycle and what and how was it helping me?  I still felt the same inside, trying to prove myself, craving attention, always feeling in lack and not good enough. 
Maybe I didn’t deserve to have the nice things in life because I didn’t want to be seen to be different from my peers – yes – it went back a long way, right back to my childhood when I started to have an awareness of us all coming from different backgrounds, which didn’t bother me, but it seemed to be a problem for our parents.  Reflecting upon this, I can see that there was an inverted snobbery at large which was very class driven, thankfully this is not something that you see much of nowadays.  However then it did have a massive effect on my relationships with friends and myself.  I would down-play who I was to fit in with who I thought they were and what I thought they thought of me - confused yes me too!  Ironic really and over time without being conscious of it, I developed a mindset to support it which caused a huge inner conflict as I tried to maintain a false persona on the outside whilst on the inside confusion reigned, especially when I realised that I couldn’t be everyone’s friend anyway however hard I tried! 
To bring it right back to where we are now and where you are right now.  The message is clear, after-all, it is all about energy; the Universe, Earth, you, me everything even our thoughts are all forms of energy.  Energy vibrating at different frequencies which never stops moving, it is always transforming, transmuting, which means everything is transient in a state of change.  This is great to take on board, because if you are in a situation which you don’t want, then please take heart from it and know that you can embrace the flow of change and align yourself to a vibration of energy which provides you with better circumstances. 
Ok what’s this all got to do with ‘waves of prosperity’? 
I love to use an assortment of oracle cards because I resonate with them and my humanness is in awe over how ‘spot on’ they always are!  They are a great intuitive tool that stimulates the inner knowing of where your energy is, where your focus and attention is, as the cards themselves are a form of energy and therefore they become an extension of your overall vibrational field.  (There’s a lot more to go into and I shall revisit this in another blog dedicated to this topic.)  For months now I have felt excitement in the air around prosperity, there have been many signs – have your noticed them too? Whatever your evidence maybe, to know that you and everyone is already standing in a Well of Being, it is your right and it is available to each and everyone of us.  Nurture your feelings of wealth and sufficiency and you will enjoy great expansion and lack will diminish.  Little by little, enhancing a better feeling of self-worth and valuing all that you do have already, leads you towards a life full of plenty, richness and prosperity.  

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