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Female Freedom - Susan Gardner


In a Nutshell... "Meta-Well-Being is a proven methodology in coaching and mentoring people through life challenges which embraces a variety of teachings that enable you to successfully change and ‘live in the WoW’.  

Meta-Well-Being helps to bring you back into balance by tackling specific physical, emotional or mental concerns and issues, resulting from work, family or environmental factors which have been negatively affecting your quality of life.  

A Meta-Well-Being analysis helps to identify and target the underlying cause using META-Health principles, then tracks and charts improvements to keep on course with a dedicated ‘Lifestyle Prescription’ using a range of powerful ‘self-help’ techniques to support each individual’s enhancement and transformation."  
Susan Gardner; 'Agent of Change', heart centred - working with women in business.  

Are you keen to find out more about you and how to get your life back on track? 

What's holding you back?  

What's getting in your way?  

What's critical for you to resolve right now?  

What will happen if you don't do anything about it?