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META-Health is the ‘art and science’ of natural healing.  


At last this is something which can give you answers to the most important questions you might have:

  • Why am I sick?
MHU Analysis n Therapy Wheel - META-HealthDiscover exactly why you became ill

  • What has triggered my symptoms?
Understand the real meaning behind your symptoms

  • Which specific stress and emotions affect my symptoms?
Find out which stressful situations in you life triggers your symptoms
  • Which specific belief and thought patterns do I need to review?
This is identified through the analysis

  • What can I do to heal naturally?
Find SOUL-utions for your health issues

  • Which treatments work best for my type of illness?
Use META-Therapy to activate self-healing
  • Do lifestyle changes help me to heal myself?
Lifestyle Prescriptions offer specific recommendations to help:
Reduce worry and stress, as you begin to trust your body
Know where you are in the 9 stages of the health and wellness cycle

There is a startling accuracy in factors pointing towards the ‘root cause’ responsible for setting into motion troublesome and challenging symptoms of the main focus of concern.  This is determined in a META-Health consultation which consists of a strategic ‘step by step’ analysis and very quickly reveals the events that were happening prior to symptoms becoming established and the impact physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that it had at the time.  

In a highly emotional moment, it is common to make a decision around the event as it was perceived and this decision then becomes a strongly held belief and is the mind’s way of making sense of a highly significant emotional event.  This is also referred to as a UDIN (Unexpected Dramatic Isolating with No strategy to deal with it).  UDIN’s are experienced by everyone at some point in time and have a massive effect on each person in a variety of ways and this is the reason for many differing reports on a traumatic incident which has been witnessed by more than one person.  Typically following a significant emotional event, for many people it is difficult for them to let go of the ‘shock’ and on some level revisit and relive it over and over again, which only serves to fuel the memory in an unhelpful and unhealthy manner, causing anxiety related conditions or in extreme cases this can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

META-Health principles provides the means for a positive approach into learning to trust the natural healing processes that are inherent in every human being and the natural state of the mind/body is to be in balance.  Many of the regenerative symptoms being expressed can be uncomfortable, aches and pains are misunderstood and fears around health issues develop more resistance and contractedness which creates further disharmony.   The key is to engender a loving connection with how amazing the mind and body is able to tap into its own resources as its sole evolutionary aim is always to be stable, strong and healthy in order to survive.  

Unwittingly and often unconsciously, many people disengage from themselves and even fight these natural processes of nature and simply do not believe in the ability of their own bodies to have this inordinate power.  Why is it that we accept so readily some healing processes for example: how the skin is so capable of knitting itself together and regenerating new skin cells when it has been damaged due to some type of mishap causing a cut, or a graze?  An important factor of the healing process is the acceptance that it is happening and having helpful positive thoughts supports the flow and connection between the subconscious mind and the body.  This supports regeneration without inner conflict. 

A major hurdle can be overcoming habits of delusion and justifying the reasons for being where you are (which is not where you want to be) but fear steps in and takes over magnifying the strife and difficulties.  The reality though is that for anything to change you have to start acknowledging the truth about things and this requires you to be honest and open on various personal events and life challenges, not to make them bigger or worse than they are, yet to set yourself free.  It is vital to properly understand the areas which are responsible for continuing to cause emotional upset and upheaval, only then can you start to take the necessary small steps which initiate a course of action that you have chosenAND that feels pretty amazing as momentum gathers and the positive signs of transformation become all the more evident and satisfying.  

Curious to learn more and how it could transform your life?  
Come along to 'An Introduction to META-Health' talk, or if you already know that you want to do the foundation 2 day workshop then click HERE for more details.