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'Feeling good' with Wellbeing Specialist and Coach: Susan Gardner from WellbeingWorks

Wellbeing in the Workplace founded in 2007 through the inspiration of a group of highly skilled and experienced people whose backgrounds originate in sales and marketing, training and presentation, business development and complementary therapies.  Reputed for quality, reliability and value for money, Wellbeing in the Workplace continues to grow and expand with evermore sophistication meeting Corporate needs in Health and Wellness across the UK.
WellbeingWorks4You; A team specialist interest in chronic exhaustive conditions: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; M.E., Fibromyalgia and Adrenal/Thyroid issues
Especially skilful in dealing with emotional issues using META-Health analysis and enquiry, our team provides expert support and guidance in "Wellbeing Clinics" for those looking for an all round solution supporting their recovery. 
Wellbeing4Life Network is voluntarily led and is a Community 'not for profit' Project.  Click here for more details.
Client feedback consistently indicates positive benefits following Wellness Events; our team massively impacts on staff morale in addition to immediate improvements in the general management of stress, they pro-actively help in the prevention of long-term issues.  
Susan Gardner - Founder
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The Office 
Susan Gardner - Wellbeing Specialist Events Co-Ordinator
Susan Gardner Founder Wellbeing Specialist

Sally Rosemarie - Wellbeing Retreats
Sally Rosemary Wellbeing Retreats Specialist 

Karen Elizabeth- Nutritional Therapist Consultant
Karen Elizabeth NT Nutritional Therapist Consultant

Alison Hale - Wellbeing Customer Relations Manager